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  Chaudhuri, Sagarika. Economic Zoology. Kolkata: NCBA, 2016.   Chatterjee, B., and Kundu, S. ‘Gender and Development: SHG’s, Women Workers and Enterpreneurs.’ Journal of Economic and Social Development 7, no. 2 (2011): 84-97.   "Content". Indian Aquarium Hobbyist.  indianaquariumhobbyist.com (…
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Research, Interviews and Documentation: Barnamala Roy. Camera and Editing: Bishwadeep Mitra, Annapurna Banerjee
  According to a 2014 report in the International Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Studies, the Kolkata port (around which the ornamental fisheries are centered in West Bengal) is responsible for exporting 90 per cent of indigenous fish from the country.    Entrepreneurs in Domjur (West Bengal) …
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Barnamala Roy
Barnamala Roy: How did you decide to farm ornamental fish? Sujata Gure: We had witnessed ornamental fish being successfully farmed at a nearby place, which inspired us to take up the farming. We started the venture in ten earthen vessels ('majla'). B.R.: Which fish did you begin raising first? S.G…
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Interviewee: Dr. Bijay Kali Mahapatra
  Interviewee: Dr. Bijoy Kali Mahapatra Interviewer: Barnamala Roy Camera, Editing: Bishwadeep Mitra and Annapurna Banerjee   Barnamala Roy: How did ornamental fish attract your curiosity? Also, why and how did you select ornamental fish farming as your subject of research?   B.K. Mahapatra: In my…
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Photographs by Biswadeep Mitra, Annapurna Banerjee & Barnamala Roy, Captions: Barnamala Roy
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Barnamala Roy
  Ornamental or aquarium fish cultivation, starting out as a pastime, has evolved into a successful aqua-industry. The aquarium fish-keepers, who form the backbone of this industry, have given it the status of the world’s second most popular hobby after photography.        According to Mahapatra,…
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Dr. Supratim Chowdhury & Barnamala Roy
  The idea of women empowerment, evolving through the international conferences organized by the UNDP throughout the 1990s, has cited five components integral for its materialization.  According to the guidelines mentioned in UNDP’s website, these are as follows: 'women's sense of self-worth; their…
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