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Jaseera CM
The advent of Jainism in Kerala was earlier believed to be in the medieval period. However, an archaeological excavation in 2011 at Pattanam in Ernakulam district unearthed a Tamil-Brahmi-inscribed potsherd on which is inscribed ‘amana’,[1] a term used to refer to Jain monks. This new evidence…
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Dr Rachel A Varghese
Since prehistoric times, humans have attempted to come to terms with death. Around the world, a variety of monuments have been erected to commemorate death or memorialise the dead. These include spectacular constructions such as the pyramids of Egypt and the Taj Mahal in India, as well as present-…
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Dr. Rachel A Varghese
Burials/memorials, called megaliths in archaeological terminology, are one of the most common archaeological remains found in Kerala. While the practice of raising monuments of large (mega) stones (liths) was prevalent in many parts of Peninsular India, the monuments of the region show high…
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