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Aparna Andhare
  Jai Singh II founded his city, Jaipur, on November 29, 1727. This city continues to attract visitors from all over the world, and is a part of the ‘golden triangle’ journey along with Delhi and Agra. Visitors come for handicrafts and art, museums, Rajasthani cuisine and, most of all, to…
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Vishwas Gupta: I moved into Artists’ Village in 2000 as a permanent resident, but I owned a house from the allotment date, that is, 1987. My father was an artist, so it was allotted in his name. We used to frequently come on weekends and stay over here. But I formally moved in in 2000 after I…
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Anurag Mazumdar with Suchetana Banerjee
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Anurag Mazumdar
I believe in the cities of India.
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