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Deepak Kannal
An Introduction to the Caves    Ellora, locally known as Verul and mentioned as Elapura in medieval literature, is a group of 34 rock-cut caves in the mountain ranges of Satpuda, about 30 km from the city of Aurangabad in Maharashtra, India.   It is the only cave complex where cave temples of all…
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Dieter Schlingloff
  The different phases of Ajanta paintings   Dieter Schlingloff   Introduction The Paintings of the Second Century B.C. 1. General observations 2. The Buddha in Previous Existences 3. The Superhuman Events in the Buddha’s Life The Paintings of the Fifth Century A.D. 6 1. General remarks 2. The…
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M.K. Dhavalikar
                                             Contents Introduction Mahayana Buddhism Junnar Kanheri Kuda Mahad Ajanta Ajanta Conclusion Captions References   Introduction There are about 1200 rock-cut caves in India, of which 1000 are in Maharashtra, and of these nearly two-thirds are Buddhist.…
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Rajesh Kumar Singh
An introduction to the history and patronage of the Ajanta caves, their architecture, paintings, iconography and textual sources.
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