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Dulari Qureshi
The caves of Aurangabad lie to the north of the city in the protective bosom of the Sihyachal ranges, and rise above the plains to a height of 700 feet. The caves overlook the present campus of  Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University. Eclipsed by the close proximity of the World Heritage…
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The rock-cut monuments of western India occupy a significant position in the history of Indian art and architecture. While the tradition of rock-cut architecture appears to have been discontinuous and scattered in the rest of India, it flourished without interruption in western India for a period…
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R.K.S.: We have Prof. Monika Zin with us today who is a professor of Indology and Indian Art at the University of Munich. She is quite well-known in the area of Buddhist studies: the early and mainstream Buddhism in India.  Now she has, in the last ten years or more, moved  her area of research…
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