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B.N. Goswamy
The popular 'Snakes and Ladders' board game existed in India several centuries ago, in the form of Gyan Chaupar, wherein the game had a 'value system' incorporated in it. Virtues and vices were modified depending upon who designed the 'board'. Prof B.N. Goswamy traces the Indian origins and…
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 Mohit Srivastava
R. Gyaneshwara Singh is a board game enthusiast and revivalist based in Mysuru. He, along with his colleagues, Raghu Dharmendra and C.R. Dileep Gowda, has visited various parts of India, cataloging and curating traditional board games.Their art organisation Ramsons Kala Prathishthana holds an…
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Mohit Srivastava
One of the unexpected wonders of the Fatehpur Sikri complex built by Akbar in the 16th century is the Pachisi Courtyard. (Fig.1) As the engravings on the brick floor fade, this large outdoor area—eclipsed by a fort compound on one side and a lavish green garden on the other—escapes the attention…
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Mohit Srivastava
Gyan chaupar (the game of knowledge) is an ancient board game of the Indian subcontinent. It has multiple stories surrounding its origin and has several variants including moksha-pata (board of enlightenment), parampada sopanam (steps to the highest place) and gyanbaz[1] played across the region.…
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