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Pranjal Koranne
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Pranjal Koranne
Leaving aside the socio-political arguments for the importance of Sanskrit, the question is, what else do we stand to gain from the study of Sanskrit language and literature, particularly in relation to the field of linguistics and CL? This article explores answers to that question.    Sanskrit…
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We are going out on an ‘archaeological digging’. ‘Archaeological digging’ is an alternative to history used by Michel Foucault for a specific reason. When we read a text, which is full of multiple discourses, we actually read these discourses according to their spatio-temporal contexts. Here we…
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Kapila Vatsyayan
  Introduction     To put it simply, over these years, since childhood on to today, it has been my privilege to meet with creative minds who have been variously categorized as scientists, seers, philosophers, poets, writers, painters, dancers, musicians and, above all, many who in socio-economic…
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Debaprasad Bandyopadhyay
[This is the journal of a knowledge-monger, so to say a tongue-trader, who even though specializes in Linguistics, works in a curious amalgamation of physics and linguistic theories following the course of his mission. For the sake of his queer trade he reaches out to the bauls to play the field[1…
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M.D. Muthukumaraswamy
  What is Lexicography? The term ‘lexicography’ is used in two distinctive senses: first, it refers to the compilation of dictionaries; and second, it refers to the study of dictionaries. The editors of the Dictionary of Lexicography rightly point out, ‘Lexicography, often misconceived as a branch…
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Debaprasad Bandyoapadhyay
[ এটি এক বিদ্যে ব্যাবসায়ী তথা কথা-বনিকের জার্নাল,যাঁর বিশেষজ্ঞতার বিষয় ভাষাতত্ত্ব হলে কি হবে কার্যগতিকে ফিজিক্সের সঙ্গে ভাষাতত্ত্ব মিলিয়েজুলিয়ে কাজ কম্মো করেন।বিদ্যেব্যাবসার খাতিরেই ফান্ডেড/স্পনসরড অবস্থায় বাউলদের মধ্যে মাঠকম্মো থুড়ি ফিল্ড ওয়ার্ক করতে বেরিয়ে পরেন।তাঁর দিনলিপির কিছু নির্বাচিত অংশ,যা…
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