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The article is a study on Abhinavabharati, written by Abhinavagupta, which is a commentary on Natyashastra.
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The article is a study of the concepts of Anukarana, Anukirtana and Anudarshana in Abhinavagupta's theory of aesthetics, based on his study of Bharata's Natyashastra.
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Kapila Vatsyayan
  Introduction     To put it simply, over these years, since childhood on to today, it has been my privilege to meet with creative minds who have been variously categorized as scientists, seers, philosophers, poets, writers, painters, dancers, musicians and, above all, many who in socio-economic…
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Dr Sudha Gopalakrishnan
Abhinavagupta is widely acknowledged as the foremost exponent of the school of Kashmir Shaivism in India. Combining in himself several pursuits as wide-ranging as those of a spiritual teacher, philosopher, literary theorist and aesthete, Abhinavagupta challenged earlier traditions of knowledge,…
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Bharathi Ramasubban
How will the work of a modern poet named Kalidasa impress this learned assembly, which is used to the compositions of well-established poets such as Bhasa, Kaviputra and Saumillaka?[1] ———Kalidasa, Malavikagnimitram, Act 1.   Mahakavi Kalidasa, in the opening act of his first play,…
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Md. Intaj Ali
This module elucidates the philosophy, text and performance of the Bauls and Fakirs of Bengal.
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Robert Palmer Goldman
Social Vision and Historical Perspective in the Mahābhārata and the Vālmīkirāmāyaṇa India’s age-old fascination with its two great and ancient epic tales of love and war and of the descent of the Godhead in human form to right the evils of the world and to restore the ascendancy of dharma,…
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