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Hyderabad , Telangana
Along with history and monuments, Charminar houses a variety of
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Vijayawada , Andhra Pradesh
Vijayawada is known for the softest idlis and crispy dosas but
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Fort Kochi , Kerala
The first European township in India was built as a fort city by


South Park Street Cemetery

Images of various tombstones of South Park Street Cemetery, built in 1767, provide a glimpse of early colonial Kolkata.

The epitaph of Mrs.Martha Goodland reads,

'If ever Tears deservedly were Shed

If ever Grief was due to Virtue Dead

Thy Merit Martha and thy spollefs (spoiled?) ways

Claim Tears from all for all allow’d them praise

Thy strength of mind, we scarce shall meet again

Shewn through a long most agonizing pain.

Thy warm affections as a Wife or Friend

Make all who knew you weep your cruel End

Cruel Alas-but this one thing were sure

Those Virtues that in Life you held so pure

Will be repaid, This thought and this alone

Your friends have left to mitigate their Moan

This latest Tribute a kind husband owes

Whose heart is torn is wretched whilst he lives

And only prays one Day to reach that Shore

To meet his Martha and to part No more'.