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Published on: 28 April 2020

Dr Manorama B.N.

An acknowledged Yakshagana and Bharatanatyam artiste, author and scholar, Dr Manorama B.N. runs the bi-monthly dance research journal 'Noopurabhramari'. She has authored several books, and is passionate about the dissemination and preservation of Indian classical and folk arts.

In Coastal Karnataka, a typical Yakshagana season lasts for only six months, from November to May. The rainy months would mean a period of scarcity for those artistes who had no other means of sustenance. Chikkamela, literally meaning mini mela or troupe, was born out of the livelihood concerns of Yakshagana artists. Chikkamela troupes consist mainly of two or three artists and musicians who travel from house to house and do indoor performances, that are based on scenes from Yakshagana texts and lean heavily towards the folk roots of Yakshagana. Chikkamela sustains these artistes during the off-season and also serves as a training ground for budding Yakshagana artistes.