Balasanthula: The Wandering Shiva

Balasanthula: The Wandering Shiva

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Published on: 18 August 2020

Arjun Chavah

Arjun Chavah is a filmmaker, cameraman and photographer. Tamburra Nadam (2019) is his second film. He is an alumnus of the School of Media and Cultural Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai.

Balasanthula - The Wandering Shiva is a glimpse into the lives of the members of the Balasanthul community of Telangana and Andhra regions of India.

Historically a nomadic community, they practised an art form called Balasanthula as a source of livelihood. With changing times, members of the community started settling down, facing new challenges of identity and survival. Still, the practice of hunting and singing goes on. Their story talks about carrying on a tradition more as a need than as a heritage.