performance art

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Arjun Chavah
Historically a nomadic community, they practised an art form called Balasanthula as a source of livelihood. With changing times, members of the community started settling down, facing new challenges of identity and survival. Still, the practice of hunting and singing goes on. Their story talks…
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Inder Salim
What is the definition of performance art? Why does performance art contain political quotients in its narrative? Artist Inder Salim responds.
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Sajan Mani
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Georgina Maddox
Performance art stands on the threshold of India’s contemporary art scene As they were entombing Turkish artist Pinar Derin Gençer in the earth, covering her carefully with soil and grass, Ella Fitzgerald was singing about love on a set of tiny speakers. At the end of the ritual, Gençer lay…
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Dhritabrata Bhattacharjya Tato
Performance art is the guerrilla arm of fine art, with a habit of popping up unexpectedly, making its strange presence felt, and then disappearing into the unreliable annals of hearsay and legend. Will Gompertz, What Are You Looking At? 150 Years of Modern Art in the Blink of an Eye   Performance…
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