A Tour of the Painted Havelis of Shekhawati

A Tour of the Painted Havelis of Shekhawati

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Published on: 21 August 2018
Shekhawati, December 2017


Among the most vibrant clusters of architectural neighbourhoods in India, the Shekhawati region in the state of Rajasthan has a distinct architectural vocabulary, blending Rajput and Islamic forms. What characterizes this region as no other is its abundance of exuberantly painted havelis. Shekhawati, famously known as ‘an open-air art gallery’ for its wealth of mural paintings, comprised of districts such as Sikar, Jhunjhunu, and parts of Churu, Nagaur and Jaipur. This small visual tour takes you through the uniqueness of Shekhawati art, the opulence of this tradition of painting and the variety of subjects that are represented on the wallsa mirror to the society. A range of themes can be witnessed on the buildings of Shekhawati, from religious imageries, ragamalas and folk mythology to historical events and emergence of industrialisation in India. It is a paradise for heritage enthusiasts, artists and tourists alike. Again, increase in heritage tourism has paved the way for conservation of these painted havelis, and some of them have even been transformed into heritage hotels and resorts.