The One-Pillar Mosque: Masjid-e Quwwat-e-Islam, Rander

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Published on: 27 May 2019

Nikhil Sanjay Shah

Nikhil Sanjay Shah is a researcher based in Surat, with a keen interest in conservation, urban issues, history, sustainable development, community participation and earth architecture.

Located in the oldest settlement of the Surat city—Rander—is this magnificent architectural edifice, Ek Khamba Masjid, the One Pillar Mosque or Masjid-e-Quwwat-e-Islam. It is known as the mosque which entirely stands on one single pillar, and is not only a visual retreat but a structural marvel perplexing the natives and the visitors with its mystery and uniqueness. It is a cultural anchor, which is central to the Muslim community inhabiting Rander.