Water systems

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This essay first appeared in Jutta Jain-Neubauer (ed.), Water Design: Environment and Histories; Vol. 68 No. 1, September 2016, ISBN: 978-93-83243-14-3, pp. 128-41.
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Nandini Thilak
Rajasthan, home to India’s desert tracts and the Great Indian Thar Desert, is also known for its rich water architecture. From simple wells and tanks that dot villages to ornate lakes commissioned by the elite, the elaborate, interconnected water architecture of this region once transformed the…
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Sahapedia: Dr Ratnagar, how does one introduce the layperson to a topic such as yours—a civilization that endured at least 6000 years, and one that covered a truly vast area?   Shereen Ratnagar: It is a very vast topic. One usually begins with some map work. The Harappa civilization covered a…
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