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Deepak Kannal
  Ellora is perhaps one of the most fascinating sites in India. Nowhere else would you be able to find the monuments of all the major religions of ancient India in one place. There are Buddhist (Mahayana and Vajrayana), Brahminical and Jain caves. So all these things together make it very exciting…
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Jayaram Poduval
  General introduction   The celebrated group of cave-temples at Ellora is located twenty-six kilometers north of Aurangabad. The monuments [34 caves] are excavated out of the vertical face of the Khuldabad escarpment to face westwards. They extend in a north-south line, and are numbered in a…
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  Rajesh Singh: I have Prof. Hans Bakker with me who is one of the most renowned experts of the history of the Vakatakas. Right now he is ERC curator, that is European Research Commission’s curator at the British Museum. He is more renowned for his work called the Vakataka’s Hindu Iconology that…
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