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Taz Barua
  The Deepor Beel is a large and prominent floodplain lake located in the south-west of Guwahati city in Assam. It is a Wildlife Sanctuary of the Government of Assam and an important Ramsar site since 2002. Its basin is drained by a system of rivulets and hill streams that connect the neighbouring…
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Shilpa Dahake
The outlook towards rivers in India is being increasingly influenced by modernist perspectives and developmental agendas. The notion of controlling, harnessing, and taming rivers has been normalized in our minds, replacing the sacred and emotional connections that human societies have traditionally…
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Sahapedia: Dr Ratnagar, how does one introduce the layperson to a topic such as yours—a civilization that endured at least 6000 years, and one that covered a truly vast area?   Shereen Ratnagar: It is a very vast topic. One usually begins with some map work. The Harappa civilization covered a…
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