Tribal Culture

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Nishita Banerjee
For 40 days in the year, an entire village in Rajasthan’s Mewar region loses itself in the celebrations of the mother goddess, Gavari. We train the spotlight in this unique festival in which all members of the local Bhil tribe come together to perform a mystical dance and music drama like none…
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Pinki Biswas Sanyal
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Shruti Chakraborty
We comb through the unique tribal practices in Chhattisgarh’s heartland, where once the modest comb was highly regarded as a symbol of a Muria man’s love and desire. (Photo Source: Courtesy Mushtak Khan/Sahapedia)   There is no doubt that anything can be turned into an object that symbolises love…
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Riddhi Pandey
The Baiga community has been identified as a Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Group. This community, mainly residing in the Baiga Chak region of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, is known for its intimate relationship with the forests and its wildlife, and has experienced dramatic setbacks in its ways…
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Suvadip Chakraborty
  Purulia, the westernmost district of West Bengal, is known as one of the state’s most under-developed regions. But very few would know about the history of socio-cultural revolt in Purulia. We can find various references to this land in different ancient Indian pieces of literature as Bajrabhumi…
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Suvadip Chakraborty
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This is the song of the Jaale Maha, i.e. the fourth day of the Saharay Festival. This song describes the heart break of a young village woman who ordered cheap bangles and black and white beads necklace from a rural peddler. But the peddler forgets to bring her those bangles. So she is singing of…
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