Traditional medicine

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Shatabdi Chakrabarti
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Dr Syam K. Venugopal and Dr V. Sunil Kumar
India is home to more than 50 per cent of the free-range Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) population and about 20 per cent of the captive elephant population. As elephants came to be tamed for various purposes, extensive records also had to be developed regarding their management and treatment in…
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Anusha Sundar
  India was long characterized as the ‘land of snake charmers’, bringing to mind images of dusky men with dangerous-looking snakes winding round their bodies while they played the flute. The genesis of such images can be traced back to the ‘oriental gaze’ that informed both academic and…
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M.S. Valiathan
Though Ayurveda is widely known as one of the indigenous forms of medicine in India, its literal meaning is ‘knowledge of life’ or ‘knowledge of what promotes and what does not promote life’. It was regarded as a branch of Vedas (upanga) or as the fifth Veda (Panchama Veda) to indicate its sacred…
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Vipul Kapadia talks about the aims, objectives and achievements of Adivasi Academy and Bhasha.
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