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Anni Kumari
This module is a study of kolam, an everyday ritualistic floor art form practiced mostly by Hindu women from Tamil Nadu. It offers a glimpse of the various stages in kolam making in both urban and rural settings in the cities and towns nearby Chennai and Pondicherry along with images of kolam copy…
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Bernier, Ronald M. 1983. ‘Tradition and Invention in Himachal Pradesh Temple Arts’, in Artibus Asiae 44.1:65–91.   ———. 1997. Himalayan Architecture. Madison: Fairleigh Dickinson University Press; London: Associated University Press.   Blackburn, Stuart H. 1985. ‘Death and Deification: Folk…
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The journal Indian Folklife is published quarterly by India's National Folklore Support Centre. This is Serial 28, January 2008; on  Folklore and Environment.
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Neerja Dasani
The recent announcement of the Sangeet Natak Akademi Awards for the year 2012, where Aditi Mangaldas was selected in the Creative and Experimental Dance category, and her subsequent rejection of the award have initiated an interesting and much-needed debate on the categories of ‘tradition’ and ‘…
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