Stages of jute processing

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Biswajit Mukherjee
History The Mughal chronicle Ain-i-Akbari (1590) mentions that people of rural India wore clothes made from white jute threads. Clothes used to be made from hand-spun fabric woven of such threads. Indians, especially Bengalis, have been using jute threads and other light-spun fabric thread in their…
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Choudhury P.K., P.K. Chatterjee and U. Datta. 1998. ‘Jute Geotextiles in Forestry’. National Seminar on JGT & JRC. Shillong. ———  and K. Jayachandran. 2002. ‘Jute as Geotextiles’. All India Seminar on Application of Jute Textile in Civil Engineering IEI. Kolkata.   De Haan, Arjan. 1997. ‘…
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Avisek Dutta
  Jute is an eco-friendly and bio-degradable natural product with no adverse effect on the environment. The processing of jute varieties such as Corchorus capsularis - white jute (Sada paat) and Hibiscus cannabinus (Mesta paat) are mainly used for jute cultivation in West Bengal nowadays.   After…
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