Social satire

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Syed Mubin Zehra
Choked to death with a shoelace for his poetry, Mir Ja’far Zatalli did not believe in sophisticated language and mincing words. Long ignored, we look at how Zatalli was a pioneer in creating a small but effective oeuvre of Urdu poetry and prose during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. (In…
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Shreya Gupta
Rightly called ‘Voice of the Times’, Akbar Allahabadi was one of Urdu language’s premiere political satirist in Hindustan. His words spared neither the British nor Indians who supported the Raj. He pre-empted the existence of Hinglish as a colloquial language, and injected his poetry with just the…
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Pramod Kale
While complete assimilation and Europeanization was attempted by a few very well-placed and well connected native Christian families (who were professionals such as lawyers, doctors, and educators) and while administrators began to share the power and the prestige of the colonial elite, the…
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Dale Luis Menezes
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