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Overviews of history, materials and techniques (grouped thematically and by date)   Web-page on Banarasi Saree on the official website of Varanasi district   Web-page on Varanasi Saris, National Centre for Textile Design, Office of the Development Commissioner for Handlooms, Ministry of Textiles,…
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Agrawal, Yashodhara. 2003. Silk Brocades. New Delhi: Roli Books.   Ali, Abdullah Yusuf. 1900. A Monograph on Silk Fabrics Produced in the Northwestern Provinces and Oudh. Allahabad: N.W. Provinces and Oudh Government Press.   Basole, Amit. 2016.  'Spare Change for Spare Time? Homeworking Women in…
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In Varanasi, before the advent of jacquard looms, weaving was done on jala looms. A ‘jala’ is a kind of frame on which the design is first created using threads by nakshabands (pattern-makers). This is attached to the loom as a master harness. Some master weavers still use the jala loom in Varanasi.
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