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Priya Sarukkai Chabria
  The rapture of translating into contemporary English the sacred songs of 8th-century girl mystic Andal is narrated as a passionate enquiry into the unfolding wonders and complexities of an earlier artistic and equally rigorous tradition—that of Sangam (2nd century BCE—4th century CE) Tamil…
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What is the chronology of Bhakti? How did the concept of Bhakti evolve over a period in the Indian subcontinent? What are the social impacts of Bhakti in the inner lives of people? Who was responsible for these religious developments? Who held the agency to bring out these changes in Indian society…
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Jayaram Poduval
  General introduction   The celebrated group of cave-temples at Ellora is located twenty-six kilometers north of Aurangabad. The monuments [34 caves] are excavated out of the vertical face of the Khuldabad escarpment to face westwards. They extend in a north-south line, and are numbered in a…
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