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The article is a study of wall paintings found in the Hafeshvara Mahadeva Temple, Baroda district, that are scenes from the legends of Vishnu, Krishna and the Rasa dance.
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Presidential Address delivered by T. Balasaraswati at the 47th Annual Conference of The Music Academy, Madras
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Who is Radha? Appearing for the first time in Jayadeva’s Gita Govinda around the 12th century CE, Krishna's beloved is now worshipped as a goddess in mainstream Hinduism. Emerging from poetry, she has been described and depicted in every creative medium, whether it be art, music, dance, or…
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Kapila Vatsyayan
  Introduction     To put it simply, over these years, since childhood on to today, it has been my privilege to meet with creative minds who have been variously categorized as scientists, seers, philosophers, poets, writers, painters, dancers, musicians and, above all, many who in socio-economic…
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