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Anni Kumari
  Abraham, Lisa & Chacko, Biju. 2017. Kolam as infographics. Online at https://www.researchgate.net/publication/314216401_KOLAM_AS_INFOGRAPHICS (Viewed on November 20, 2017)    Archana, S. 1981.The Language of Symbols: A Project on South Indian Ritual Decorations of a Semi-Permanent Nature.…
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Shefali Rathi
  Kolam is a beautiful, renewal performing and visual art that has a deep-rooted connection with nature and ecology. Vijaya Nagarajan in her writings on ritual practices in Hinduism has referred to kolam as the ritual of ‘embedded ecologies’. She states that rituals like kolam serve the purpose of…
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Anni Kumari
This module is a study of kolam, an everyday ritualistic floor art form practiced mostly by Hindu women from Tamil Nadu. It offers a glimpse of the various stages in kolam making in both urban and rural settings in the cities and towns nearby Chennai and Pondicherry along with images of kolam copy…
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Sharmistha Dutta
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