Ramkinkar Baij

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Shatadeep Maitra
Although Ramkinkar Baij chose life in interior Bengal over modern cities, he is undeniably one of the pioneers of contemporary Indian art. Baij is identified as a maverick who upended the norms of sculpturing in India. Here, Sahapedia.org and DAG explore his inspirations for sculpting and painting…
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Arundhati Dasgupta
  Abani Sen (1905-1972) belonged to that generation of artists who were shaking out of the cultural nationalism advocated by the Bengal School of Art, and became the harbingers of a new modern, seen in the post-Independence works of their successors. Though Sen represents an oeuvre that does not…
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An excerpt from My Days with Ramkinkar Baij by Somendranath Bandyopadhyay, a translation of the original Bangla Shilpi Ramkinkar Alaapchari by Bhaswati Ghosh. To buy visit amazon.in For more information visit Niyogi Books
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