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Maneet Kaur
  Painter Gurpreet Singh Mankoo was born in Jagraon (Punjab) on October 29, 1975, into a humble Sikh family. His parents, Sukhdev Singh and Manjit Kaur, were followers of Sant Baba Asmedh Singhji, Sewadaar Baba Isher Singh ji, of Nanaksar Kaleran, Jagroan. From his childhood, he was dedicated to…
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Hanoz H.R. Patel
Introduction   The Rabari community is a nomadic pastoral community indigenous to north-west India, particularly modern-day Gujarat. Traditionally, the Rabari kept camels but in recent times they maintain flocks of sheep and goats as well. Tradition traces their origins to the Himalayas, as the…
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Hanoz H.R. Patel
'Just like small kids create toys from clay and break them after playing with it, our lives are similar— we create our homes daily, and break them daily, to migrate towards grassland,' is how Rabari Jesang Bhai describes their daily life in an interview. This module also includes articles,…
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Jaya Menon
The earliest cities in South Asia were those of the northwestern part of the subcontinent, what we call the Harappan civilization. This was a Bronze Age civilization, a term that refers to communities using bronze as a material to make their major tools, but more importantly implies urban societies…
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Radha Kapuria
The Harballabh festival of classical music at Jalandhar in East Punjab is renowned in the world of Hindustani music as that rare site where all the ‘greats’ of Hindustani music first performed, prior to attaining international acclaim. From Bhimsen Joshi to Zakir Husain, all musicians hold the spot…
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