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K.A. Abbas
A ‘credo’ implies that the writing must have a purpose beyond developing the personality and the ego of the writer. Literally meaning ‘I believe’, a credo is a statement of the writer’s faith and purpose. My credo is communication with people. There are two sides to this business of communication—…
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  Sahapedia: We have Moloyashree Hashmi with us talking on street theatre, Safdar Hashmi and Jana Natya Manch. Moloyashree di, thank you so much for agreeing to talk to us. Moloyashree Hashmi – My pleasure Q:  Let us begin by talking about your association with Jana Natya Manch, your coming to…
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मुक्तिबोध हिंदी कविता के प्रगतिशील व नई कविता आंदोलन से जुड़े कवि, आलोचक हैं |
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Awadhesh Tripathi
मुक्तिबोध हिंदी कविता के प्रगतिशील व नई कविता आंदोलन से जुड़े कवि, आलोचक हैं | 13 नवंबर, 1917 को मध्‍यप्रदेश में जन्‍मे मुक्तिबोध 20वीं शताब्‍दी के सबसे सशक्‍त कवि, आलोचक माने जाते हैं | वे ‘नया खून’ और ‘वसुधा’ के सहायक संपादक भी रहे | मुक्तिबोध को अपने जीवन काल में न तो बहुत पहचान मिली और न ही…
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Suchetana – Sir, Thank you for agreeing to give an interview on PWA. I would like to begin by asking how and when did Progressive Writers Movement start because the movement gave birth to the association. Anisur Rahman – Yes. I think the story is rather long in the sense that you will have to go…
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Anisur Rahman
        Internalizing Faiz Ahmad Faiz: Problematic of Impact and Response         1. Internalization: Two Paradigms Let me begin by posing some interrelated questions concerning internalization. Let me ask, to lay the ground, as to what is internalization, what does it signify, how does it work,…
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