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Lakshmi Swaminathan
  The air has become cold and the days have grown short. Winter has set in in the mountains and the farmers have sown their rabi crops. A thin layer of water flows in the Manoni stream that passes through Rakkar and Sidhbari, two neighbouring villages in the northern part of the Kangra valley.…
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Guru R.K. Achoubisana
Lai Haraoba is the re-enactment of creation. Embedded in this festival are the cultural and artistic traditions of Manipur. Even the Ras that came after Hinduisation has been inspired by the dance tradition of Lai Haraoba, whose dance gestures were composed in the choreography of Ras to express the…
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Sandhya Bordewekar Gajjar
Very few people, even within India, are aware that the indigenous or tribal communities that are spread across India are concentrated in the east-west belt and form almost 9% of the Indian population, with about 104 million people according to the 2011 Census of India. While some tribal communities…
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