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K.N. Shaji
  Analysing John Abraham’s politics is a difficult task, especially with regard to his ideology. John’s politics were essentially a love for humanity, to which his short but meaningful and painful life is itself a testimony. John was larger than life, larger that his films, and in a way, his life…
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C.S. Venkiteswaran
  There are two kinds of film-makers—those who create an oeuvre of their own and leave a personal imprint on their field, and those who not only want to explore the medium and create a body of work, but also want to communicate and connect with society of their time. John Abraham was of the latter…
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V.K. Cherian
John Abraham (1937–1987) is still remembered as a cult figure of New Indian Cinema. Though he only made a few films, his commitment and dedication to the new genre of filmmaking is imprinted in the mind of every cinephile. He was among the early graduates of the Film and Television Institute of…
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