Old Delhi

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Dr Uzma Azhar
Around c. 57 BC, ‘Dilli’ was founded by Raja Dhilu, a king from the Mauryan dynasty who reigned in the 1st century BC (dates vary in different accounts)—and in c. 1450 BC, Indraprastha was said to have been established by Yuddhishthira, the eldest Pandav. Delhi remained the capital for rulers of…
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Dr Uzma Azhar
  Shahjahanabad, like the other older cities of pre-Partition India such as Lucknow, Hyderabad, Lahore, etc., was built by the Mughals in the medieval era. The cities had a few common characteristics—the city mosque-fort, a bazaar around it, very distinct socio-economic strata spread out from the…
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Dr Uzma Azhar
Mir Taqi Mir famously said about Dilli/ Shahjahanabad: ‘Dilli jo ek shehar tha alam me Intikhab/ Hum rehne wale hain usi ujade dayar ke (Translation: Delhi, the city that once was unique in the universe,/ We are inhabitants of that ruined abode). When the capital was shifted from Calcutta to Delhi…
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Prateek Dubey
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Anubhav Sapra
  Video transcript   Anubhav Sapra: This is a very famous shop named Haji Shabrati Nehariwala. It has been here since 1957. In the morning, they cook a dish named Nahari, which literally means morning. People come here in the morning for breakfast. Traditionally, people used to eat Nalli, Nahari…
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