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Anisha Padma
Siddis and Habshis are Indian citizens of African descent who live in the states of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Telangana and Karnataka in India. Within secondary literature, the word ‘Siddi’ can be traced to the Arabic word ‘Sayyid’, which either denotes a title and/or lineage to Prophet Muhammad.[1] ‘…
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B.N. Goswamy
The Nizams of Hyderabad were wealthy rulers who owned precious jewels and commissioned numerous paintings. From collar necklaces to table-cut diamonds, pearls and emeralds, these jewels shed light on the affluence of Nizams such as Mir Qamruddin Khan and Mir Mahbub Ali Khan. Prof B.N. Goswamy sheds…
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Anisha Padma
The Hyderabad locality, A.C. Guards, is named after a celebrated regiment of men of Afro-Arabian descent, who were officially called the ‘African Cavalry Guards’ under the sixth and seventh Nizams (monarch) of the erstwhile princely state. This transcript features the oral memory of the descendants…
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Anisha Padma
Siddis and Habshis are Indians of African descent who primarily reside in the states of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Telangana and Karnataka. They have historically performed various roles in the subcontinent, working as traders, sailors, military tacticians, domestic slaves, dock workers and conscripted…
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Kashshaf Ghani
  Muslim presence in the Deccan from the late 13th century came to be seen as a consequence of Sultan Alauddin Khilji’s regular invasions in the south. More than the extension of political authority, the aim was to gather as many resources as possible by subjugating the southern kingdoms. These…
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