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Aprameya Manthena
Prof. Radhika Seshan is an historian, who has worked on the Kuravanji and its links to emerging kings, 'folk' tradition, identity, legitimacy and court culture.   Aprameya Manthena: What type of differences may be noticed in the kuravanjis of the Nayaka period (16th to 18th century) and those of…
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Aprameya Manthena
  Introduction and history   The Vijayanagara empire ruled the majority of the South Indian region (including parts of modern-day Karnataka, Andhra, Telangana and Tamil Nadu) from the thirteenth to the early sixteenth centuries. Some scholars have interpreted their rule as cosmopolitan—assimilating…
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  Appasamy, Jaya. 1980. Tanjavur Painting of the Maratha Period. Delhi: Abhinav Publishers.   Chakravarthy, Pradeep. 2010. Thanjavur: A Cultural History. Delhi: Niyogi Books.   Dallapiccola, Anna Libera. 2010. South Indian Paintings: A Catalogue of the British Museum Collection. London: British…
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