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Shruti Chakraborty & Manjima Biswas
While many are aware of the mythology behind the creation of Goddess Durga, it is also interesting to look into the process of how her physical form is made. From clay from a prostitute’s house to a connection with the Indian postal service, Sahapedia explores the various rites, rituals and…
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Prathyusha Ravi
  This short documentary captures a step-by-step process of how a Tanjore doll comes into being. Tanjore dolls are made using two different raw materials. Traditionally made with clay, these dolls are lately being made out of plaster of Paris (POP). It is said that clay dolls may be produced in…
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Prathyusha Ravi Nilakantan
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यु: जनगण तुम जो चित्र बनाते हो, तो उसकी शुरूआत कैसे की?   ज: हमारे गाँव में एक सयाना था (झाड़फूंक करने वाले वृद्ध), वह मिट्टी से दीवारों पर कला-कृतियाँ बनाता था, उससे सीखा, साथ ही हमारे पिता के बड़े भाई का लड़का भी चित्रा बनाता था उसे देखता था। मैंने चित्र बनाना किसी से सीखा नहीं—बस देख-देख कर बनाने…
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