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B.N. Goswamy
In the 18th century, it was fairly common for officers of the East India Company and their families to record the landscape, architecture, people, customs, beliefs, festivals, flora and fauna of India. The famous Louisa Parlby album, named after the British lady who put such a collection together,…
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Chandrayee Dey
  গানগুলো মেয়েদের। মেয়েরাই এর গীতিকার, সুরকার এবং শিল্পী। সাধারণ গেরস্ত পরিবারের গৃহবধূ বংশ পরম্পরায় মা-দাদি-চাচি-খালাদের কাছে শুনে এসেছে এই গান। নিজেদের মত করে সুর বা শব্দ বদলে বদলে নিয়ে পরিবার বা আত্মীয় স্বজনের বিয়েতে আসর জমিয়েছে একান্ত অন্তরালেই। গানের মধ্যে দিয়েই আশা-আনন্দের কথা বলেছে, বলেছে…
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Ayeeta Biswas Paul
Legend has it that in the year 102 of the Malla Era or 695 CE, a lady died while giving birth to a son in a forest at Laugram, six miles from Kotulpur, in modern Bankura district. Her husband was a Rajput (from Sanskrit ‘raja-putra’) or a prince from northern India, and they were both travelling to…
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Somshankar Ray
The Proem: It is often said, half-jokingly, while others eat to live, the Bengalis live to eat. All Bengali rituals and festivities end up with one thing, hearty feasts involving an astonishing number of intricately prepared dishes. In this essay we try to analyse the development of Bengali cuisine…
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