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The article is a study on the forms and techniques of Mohiniyattam.
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K.N. Panikkar writes about Mohiniyattam, its historical background and references in other art forms.
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Mohiniyattam is the classical dance form of Kerala. It literally translates as 'Mohini' a divine enchantress, and attam means dance, or more precisely play. But before we go deeper into it, what is really important to remember is Mohini is a divine enchantress on a divine mission. The reason why…
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Mohiniyattam, literally meaning 'dance of the enchantress', is one of the most striking in the Indian classical dance repertoire. The efforts of Malayalam poet Vallathol Narayana Menon and dancer and guru Kalyanikutti Amma brought this art form back from possible oblivion and gave it a new life. It…
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