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  Vijaya Ramaswamy is a professor with the Centre for Historical Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. She specializes in economic history, religion and society, and gender studies. Textiles is one of her key research areas. She has published several books including Textiles and Weavers…
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Ruchita Belapurkar
  India is well known since ancient times for its handloom and cloth weaving industry. One of the major trade items in the Indo-Roman trade in the 2nd century CE was woven cloth, especially muslin, a cloth that can be dyed and embroidered, originating from Paithan. Caves in the region, from 1st…
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In Varanasi, before the advent of jacquard looms, weaving was done on jala looms. A ‘jala’ is a kind of frame on which the design is first created using threads by nakshabands (pattern-makers). This is attached to the loom as a master harness. Some master weavers still use the jala loom in Varanasi.
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