Marxist Cultural Movement

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Sumangala Damodaran
Songs have occupied a prominent place in the anti-CAA protest movements, exploding in number as well as forms. Where did they come from? Were they created in the winter of 2019–20 or is there a longer history to the explosion of music that was seen? Sahapedia attempts to find out. (In pic: A…
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Dr Sumangala Damodaran talks about various genres of protest music of the IPTA lineage and discusses about the relationship between the cultural movement and the political movement. She suggests a distinction needs to be made between culture in politics and culture as politics.
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One of the most important front organizations of the Communist Party of India created for specific professional groups was, the All-India Progressive Writers’ Association (AIPWA). The Progressives were attempting to analyze literature socially and introduce scientific rationalism. They were trying…
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