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A.R. Venkatachalapathy
Manikodi has an iconic place in modern Tamil literature. Well into the late 20th century, writers claimed descent—a claim that was often contested—from the journal, and called themselves, Manikodi Ezhuthalargal, or ‘Manikodi writers’. On the other hand, many writers, especially of leftist…
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A.R. Venkatachalapathy
Pudumaippithan (pseudonym; given name C. Vridhachalam, 1906–42) is considered to be the greatest of Tamil short story writers and represents one of the high points of modernist writing in Tamil. In a brief life of 42 years and a writing career spanning less than 15 years, Pudumaippithan wrote short…
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Riti Sharma
Pudumaippithan, the nom de plume adopted by C. Vridhachalam (1906–1942), literally means 'the one crazy about the new'.  Pudumaippithan revolutionized the genre of the short story in Tamil literature, and chose to incorporate the spoken style of Tamil in his stories. This module is a glimpse into…
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