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Sreya Mukherjee
  Ananta Malakar is a National Award winner, renowned for his commendable work in sholapith. In this interview, he takes a trip down the memory lane, halting at the landmark events in his life. Showing his excellent works and the material used, Ananta Malakar deconstructs his noteworthy…
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Baijayanti Chatterjee
  Sholapith, also referred to as shola or Indian cork, is a plant which grows wild in marshy waterlogged areas of Bengal, Assam, Orissa and the Deccan. The biological name of shola is Aeschynomeneaspera.  From the planta dried milky-white spongy plant matter is extracted which in Bengal is used to…
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Sreya Mukherjee
Sholapith, also known as 'herbal ivory', is an exquisite sponge wood craft of West Bengal and is an intrinsic part of it rituals and festivals. This module explores the various facets of this craft: its endangered raw material, the community of craftspeople known as Malakars, the delicate crafting…
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