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Narayani Gupta
The past is in many ways a foreign country, and to walk through towns of the past slowly is an invigorating exercise. And there are those who can read them, see how they had grown. Some, such as Syed Ahmed Khan and Patrick Geddes, can use words vividly to conjure up other people in another time…
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Kanza Fatima
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William Dalrymple
As a part of the collaboration between Sahapedia and the Rupayan Sansthan, Jodhpur, William Dalrymple delivered a talk titled 'Scent and Sensuality in India' at Arna Jharna: The Desert Museum in December 2017. In this talk, Dalrymple examines how pre-modern South Asia had one of the most refined…
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Taha Ahmad
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Abbas on Films and Film-writing Ravikant (historian, writer and translator)   The polyglot Abbas was as incredibly prolific in his nearly half-century long filmmaking career as he was in his literary and journalistic avatars.  He was also successful in carving out a niche for himself by forging a…
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