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Shefali Jha
He was born and grew up in Hyderabad, and as a young student in 1987, helped compile an exhaustive report on the city’s libraries which contained Urdu books and manuscripts. His interest in books both precedes and was fed by this extraordinary project.  Following is an edited transcript of the…
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Shefali Jha
The state of Telangana counts itself home to 676 libraries, with Hyderabad city accounting for 90 of these.[1] In fact, this is a count of public libraries that fall under either the Directorate of Public Libraries—such as the State Central Library located in Afzalganj (Fig. 1.), or specific to the…
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Shefali Jha
Until the mid-twentieth century, Hyderabad city was home to a number of big and small libraries, some of them dating from the mid-nineteenth century. With the demise of the princely state of Hyderabad—of which the city was capital and main urban centre—both prized private collections and the state…
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