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Nilesh Kumar
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  Festivals have been an intrinsic part of our society for time immemorial. These festivals become opportunity for people of various communities to come together in celebration, which in turn reflects the nature of continuity in our respective cultures. One is aware that the connection shared…
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Swati Moitra
Colonial Calcutta is often described in terms of the duality of the ‘black’ and ‘white’ towns—the ‘native’ quarters, with its cramped streets and bustling bazaars, and the ‘sahib’ quarters (the area between Chowringhee Road, Park Street, Theater Road, and Wood Street) with wide roads and neo-…
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Avisek Dutta
  Translated and edited transcript   Question: Prafulla Chakraborty was directly involved with the Kanoria jute mill movement. Would you kindly tell us more about the Kanoria jute mill movement? When it started? Why it started?   Prafulla Chakraborty: In 1992 the momentum for the Kanoria jute mill…
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