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Shilpa Dahake
  In this video, Ramesh Padwal (a Nashik-based journalist and historian) interviews Devang Jani (an environmentalist and the Founder of Godapremi Nagari Sewa Samiti). The family of Mr Jani has been living along Godavari Ghats for many decades and is actively involved in the religious affairs of the…
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Jutta Jain-Neubauer
Rani ki Vav is one of the most unique and exceptional stepwells in the world. Nowhere do we have a stepwell of the kind of monumentality Rani ki Vav has. Rani ki Vav is situated in Patan, in north Gujarat. It is nowadays a small town in northern Gujarat, but in earlier times it was the capital of…
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Anurag Mazumdar
    Correa’s Contribution to New and Small Towns For many architects, considerations of urban design occur piecemeal, an afterthought once the buildings are in place, the landscaping is done and the roads leading to it are in order. However Charles Correa—the man who swore never to design a glass…
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