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Praveena: Namaskaram, Prof. Ritha Rajan. It is very nice of you to have agreed to share your thoughts on Veena Dhanammal. Veena Dhanammal is a very revered name in Carnatic music. Can you tell us little about Veena Dhanammal?     Ritha Rajan: Namaskaram, Praveena. I have also heard a lot about…
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The article is a study about the muscial traditions of the Sikh devotional music. The article explores the importance of kirtan in Sikhism and other ragas composed to form a part of this genre.
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E. Nilakanta Singh writes about the different styles of Manipuri Sankirtana.
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V.R. Athavale analyses the beginning and different phases of Marathi stage music.
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Sandeep Joshi
In art historical studies, patronage can be understood as the social relations of art production and consumption on the part of the artist and the person or an institution for whom or by the help of whom the work is done. A study of art patronage under Maharaja Sayajirao III of Baroda in a social…
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