Khalistan Movement

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Sayan Gupta
Shahids (martyrs)[1] play a significant role in the history of the Sikh Panth (Sikhism) and its popular visual culture.[2] The shahadat tasveeran (martyrdom images),[3] which is a recurring motif in the delineation of the glorious history of the Sikh qaum (quam is a Persian word used both for…
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Sayan Gupta
This module focusses on the shahadat tasveeran (martyrdom images), part of  twentieth- and twenty-first-century Sikh visual culture in India. It is an art historical, ethnographic and subaltern study of the grotesque images of martyrdom, and a critical analysis of the artistic production of oil…
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Sayan Gupta
Gurvinderpal Singh talks about the importance of Sikh shahids (martyrs) and gurus, and the effects of this martyrdom on Sikh art, the source of inspiration for recreating the past in the form of painting, journey as an artist and the role of the museum authority in his artworks…
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