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Cherpulassery Sivan is a celebrated maddalam[i] artiste for ethnic ensembles such as panchavadyam[ii] and keli (a percussive dialogue between the chenda[iii] and maddalam, accompanied by the beats of the cymbals) for Kathakali performances. Sivan comes from a family of legendary maddalam artists…
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V. Kaladharan
Class conducted by Madavoor Vasudevan Nair (1929–2018), an exemplary teacher, and one of the most distinguished exponents of the southern school of Kathakali, popularly known as the Kaplingadan. The school, which dominated the whole of Travancore, was spearheaded by illustrious Acharyas, such as…
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'When one sees such perfection in satvika abhinaya on the stage, one is not aware of the strenuous efforts that have been expended over centuries to attain that goal. For abhinaya is the core of Kathakali while satvika abhinaya is its delicious kernel', writes M.K.K. Nayar.
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Ashish Mohan Khokar
  Shanta Rao made a mark as a strong woman dancer on the Indian stage. She was rather manly looking on stage for those days of delicate dancers, showing strength of body and mind, no wonder she could take to a masculine form like Kathakali with aplomb. She was a strange mixture of deep intellect,…
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Induja Awasthi writes about the tradition of performing Ramayana on stage and the styles of Ramlila performed in different parts of the country.
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