Jute mill worker

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Biswajit Mukherjee
History The Mughal chronicle Ain-i-Akbari (1590) mentions that people of rural India wore clothes made from white jute threads. Clothes used to be made from hand-spun fabric woven of such threads. Indians, especially Bengalis, have been using jute threads and other light-spun fabric thread in their…
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Choudhury P.K., P.K. Chatterjee and U. Datta. 1998. ‘Jute Geotextiles in Forestry’. National Seminar on JGT & JRC. Shillong. ———  and K. Jayachandran. 2002. ‘Jute as Geotextiles’. All India Seminar on Application of Jute Textile in Civil Engineering IEI. Kolkata.   De Haan, Arjan. 1997. ‘…
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Avisek Dutta
  Translated and edited transcript   Question: Prafulla Chakraborty was directly involved with the Kanoria jute mill movement. Would you kindly tell us more about the Kanoria jute mill movement? When it started? Why it started?   Prafulla Chakraborty: In 1992 the momentum for the Kanoria jute mill…
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