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Meena V. Talim
  The Ajanta cave paintings are admired all over the world. Recently, UNESCO declared the caves a World Heritage Site. Scholars like Ananda Coomaraswamy, A. Foucher, J. Griffith, G. Yazdani, M.N. Deshpande, D. Schlingloff, Karl Khandalawala, M.K. Dhavalikar and Walter Spink have devoted their lives…
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R.K.S.: We have Prof. Monika Zin with us today who is a professor of Indology and Indian Art at the University of Munich. She is quite well-known in the area of Buddhist studies: the early and mainstream Buddhism in India.  Now she has, in the last ten years or more, moved  her area of research…
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Romila Thapar
The epic can be seen as the expression of a certain historical consciousness, even though the events which it describes may not be historically authenticated. The epic form is in origin part of an oral tradition and comes to be ‘frozen’ into a literary form at a date subsequent to that of the oral…
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